[Go Faster] Gofaster to distro ids

Ben Hearsum bhearsum at mozilla.com
Wed Jan 17 19:17:51 UTC 2018

Looks like this has mostly been sorted out but I wanted to chime in and say that Rehan will need a list of all of the affected distribution IDs.

One comment inline below, too:

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 10:43:49AM -0800, Shilpi Gupta wrote:
> Hi Rehan
> We are trying to fix a bug to record a GUID on existing funnelcakes in
> release. Engineering has recommended to create a new system addon that will
> collect the needed information.
> I wanted to see if it is feasible to ship a new add on via GoFaster
> mechanism to only the distribution ids which we've shipped the funnelcake.

Do you mean "...to only the funnelcake distribution ids"? As far as I know, funnelcakes are generated as unique partner distributions - not something we apply to existing partner distributions.

- Ben
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