[Go Faster] ESLint tests enabled on one-off-system-addons

Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Thu Mar 30 10:06:31 UTC 2017

I've just enabled automatic test runs for the one-off-system-addons 
<https://github.com/mozilla/one-off-system-add-ons> repository.

At the moment the tests only consist of ESLint runs. I've also set it so 
that the tests must be green for a PR before it can be merged.

If you need to see the history of test runs, you can do so via the 
commits page 

The ESLint rules I borrowed mainly from activity stream, and the example 
repo, however I'm likely to soon merge them with the mozilla-central 
toolkit rules (this is currently blocked pending a little more work on 

You can run the tests locally using `npm run test` (you'll have to `npm 
install` if you haven't already).


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