[Go Faster] [desktop] [system add-ons] Please verify `release-sysaddon` channel updated with system add-ons for 51.* and 52.*

Andrei Vaida andrei.vaida at softvisioninc.eu
Thu Mar 23 16:28:47 UTC 2017

Hi Cory,

Site Deployment Checker v1.0
We finished testing deployment-checker1.0 (1346017 
<https://bugzil.la/1346017>) system add-on on the release-sysaddon 
channel and things are overall looking good, with one exception:
the update.xml file associated to 52.0b# is not displaying this add-on, 
here's an example for 52.0b9-build2-win64-de 
and another for 52.0b9-build2-mac-en-US 
⚠ Please note that we could NOT test the way this system add-on actually 
works using the update channel. David's instructions from 1346017 
Comment 25 <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1346017#c25> 
only work if you're installing the add-on using the *.xpi file directly 
-- we did this instead for a couple of builds (i.e. 52.0.1-build2) and 
our tests passed (telemetry and browser console logs were identical with 
Justin's results).

Detailed test results for the deployment-checker1.0 system add-on are 
available in this etherpad 

Multi-process staged rollout v1.12
The Add-ons QA Team is currently testing e10srollout1.12 (1344345 
<https://bugzil.la/1344345>) on the release-sysaddon channel, but 
according to 1344345 Comment 13 <https://bugzil.la/1344345#c13>, there 
are currently two issues occurring while following Felipe's instructions 
from 1344345 Comment 10 <https://bugzil.la/1344345#c10>:
according to step 3, installing an mpc=true add-on such as Adblock Plus 
or Youtube Best Video Downloader 2 should NOT disable e10s -- currently, 
on both 51.* and 52.* e10s is in fact disabled by installing any 
add-onaccording to step 6, installing the system add-on via attached 
*.xpi file should disable e10s -- currently, on both 51.* and 52.* e10s 
is NOT disabled, despite restarting several times after install
Adding Cosmin Badescu to this thread, as he's in charge of signing off 
e10srollout1.12. Detailed test results for the e10srollout1.12 system 
add-on are currently being tracked in this etherpad 

Thank you,
Andrei (:avaida)
Desktop Release QA

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Subject: [desktop] [system add-ons] Please verify `release-sysaddon` 
channel updated with system add-ons for 51.* and 52.*

>The release-sysaddon channel has been updated as follows and is ready 
>for testing.
>The rule shipping to 51.* has been updated to ship e10srollout1.12. The 
>add-ons packaged for 51 are now:
>Note: QA was pinged to bug 1344345, but it hasn't received QA 
>verification yet in the bug.
>- e10srollout1.12 (bug 1344345)
>- disableSHA1rollout1.3 (bug 1339662)
>- diagnostics1.0 (bug 1307568)
>- hsts-priming1.0 (bug 1335224)
>A new rule for 52.* has been created, the add-ons shipping to 52.* are:
>- e10srollout1.12 (bug 1344345)
>- deployment-checker1.0 (bug 1346017)
>Per the deployment process[0], Andrei, can you please verify that the 
>test channel is serving the appropriate add-ons?
>These add-ons (and past deployments) can be found in the System add-on 
>deployment matrix[1].
>Cory Price
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