[Go Faster] [desktop] Please verify `release-sysaddon` channel updated with System Add-on Releases for 51.*

Cory Price cprice at mozilla.com
Wed Mar 1 00:39:04 UTC 2017

The release-sysaddon channel has been updated as follows and is ready for

The rule shipping to 51.* has been updated to ship tls13-compat1.0.3. The
add-ons packaged for 51 are now:

- *tls13-compat1.0.3 (bug 1325872)* (QA instructions can be found in
- disableSHA1rollout1.3 (bug 1339662)
- diagnostics1.0 (bug 1307568)
- hsts-priming1.0 (bug 1335224)

Per the deployment process[0], Andrei, can you please verify that the test
channel is serving the appropriate add-ons?

* Heads-up*: the "delay websense" add-on in bug 1342158 is hot on the heels
of this system add-on, and we should expect another verification request
tomorrow or Friday. It involves 2 XPI's and targets multiple versions.

Balrog details:

- RuleID 506 (Version: <52) tls13-compat1.0.3
- Release



Cory Price
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