[Go Faster] Intent to ship: system addon for gradual rollout of Flash click-to-activate in Firefox 55

Benjamin Smedberg bsmedberg at mozilla.com
Tue Jun 13 17:08:10 UTC 2017

On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 2:40 PM, L. David Baron <dbaron at mozilla.com> wrote:

> Have we done gradual rollout of Web developer-facing changes like
> this before that can break Web content?  Do we have a good
> understanding of how to document this for Web developers, and what
> it will do to their understanding of concepts like "X works in
> Firefox 55", etc.?

I don't think we've done a planned gradual rollout within a version number
like this before. However, the web behavior being delivered here has
already been in place for several years when Flash is known-vulnerable, so
this is not an entirely new experience.

I have been working with Chris Mills and the MDN team to get this
documented as best we can.

> Also, what metrics do we plan to monitor as this rolls out?
> And if the rollout leads to attrition, does a 5% rollout mean that
> the population that has the feature shrinks from 5%, or do we roll
> it out to more users to keep the number at 5%?

It's a 5% fair dice roll when you install/upgrade to 55 (with another 5%
identified as control). The primary comparison will be the test and control

The general points of engagement comparison are URIs loaded and total
subsession length, with a special focus on heavy users, those who load
>1400 URIs per week. For new users specifically we'll also be comparing

To evaluate the behavior of this feature specifically we'll also be looking
at the rates of notification and infobar interaction. You can see the
feature-specific dashboard for nightly at
(although that hasn't updated since we tuned the infobar behavior on

> And is there a document somewhere that describes how our plans to
> make Flash click-to-activate compare to those of other browsers?

No. I have a document that talks about our comparative browser
roadmap/schedule but it doesn't cover the detailed differences in the
feature implementation.

> Should this have an intent-to-ship notice sent to dev-platform?
> Some of these issues may be better discussed there.
It is true that I never sent an intent-to-ship mail to dev-platform.
However the public announcement about this went out in July 2016 -


Benjamin Smedberg
Architect, Firefox Product Integrity
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