[Go Faster] Intent to unship Async Plugin Rendering

Kirk Steuber bytesized at mozilla.com
Mon Oct 24 22:10:09 UTC 2016

We intend to unset the pref for Asynchronous Plugin Rendering in Firefox 
49.0.2 in 32 bit Windows. However, we intend to keep it enabled in 64 
bit Windows.

Bug Id: 1312528
System add-on: asyncrendering at mozilla.org, version 2
Committed to Moz-Release: Not yet
Verification: We seem to have verified that shipping Async Plugin 
Rendering causes problems. This can be seen in Bug 1309037 and Comments 
41-57 on Bug 1307108. As for justification for keeping it enabled in 
Win64, I understand that disabling this feature causes serious 
regressions in Win64 (See Descriptions in Bug 1307108 and Bug 1312528).
Other areas of impact: Should not impact anything outside of Flash
Proposed date to go live: I do not have a particular date in mind. Since 
this is causing problems for users on release, I would assume that we 
want to deploy this as soon as possible.
Relnote suggested wording: (I don't know what this means, sorry)

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