[Go Faster] GoFaster Status Report for Tuesday, September 29th

Larissa Shapiro lshapiro at mozilla.com
Tue Sep 29 18:12:44 UTC 2015

Hi Folks,

As we head to the end of Q3, we are GREEN for Go faster! Huge thanks to
everyone who has worked so hard.  Key points:

Q3 Goals:

   - Client support for system add-ons install and update (Tracking:
   1183866) - DONE
   - Implement lightweight build, test, and release pipeline for go-faster
   (Tracking: 1184524) - ON TRACK
   - Ship v1 of Firefox Experiments / Idea Town (Tracking: 1184527) - ON
   - Security policy updates through new update service ("Balrog 2.0")
   (Tracking: 1184528) -DONE

Full details of the project's status, Q4 goals, and more, are at:

Please review what we've done together this quarter and be proud!


(Go Faster Program Manager)
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