[Go Faster] shipping quality code faster

Laura Thomson lthomson at mozilla.com
Tue Sep 29 16:10:14 UTC 2015

On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 11:50 AM, Chris Hofmann <chofmann at mozilla.com> wrote:
> Laura also shared there on the other thread
>> There's plenty of evidence that this is virtue enough to push ahead.
>> Shorter cycle times lead to better quality and better agility to
>> respond to user feedback. There are tons and tons of case studies,
>> because so many companies have moved this way. We are dinosaurs in
>> this industry.
> At first it struck me as odd and a bit offensive that she we use the analogy
> of dinosaurs,
> That seemed to me to be unproductive.  Dinosaurs are extinct.  We have over
> 100 million people using our software every day.  We can't be extinct.
> Dinosaurs had no control over the destiny and were wiped out by external
> events.   I'd like to think we still have quite a bit of control over what
> we are doing.
> Then I did some more thinking about what she said and found something
> underlying and a topic that might be good to surface as one of these
> perspective differences that might be getting in the way of productive idea
> sharing.
> Here is another analogy.  Its that we are building stuff for the highway and
> that highway is the internet/web. I think we can all agree on that.
> I think the studies and evidence that laura's talking about and background
> that she's coming from is from building web sites.


Two things here:

1. Have you seen our MAU curves for the last few years? We are rapidly
sliding into irrelevance. We can keep denying that, but it
accomplishes precisely nothing. If we keep doing what we've always
done, we're going to go extinct, just like the dinosaurs.

2. I have been here for eight years and I am profoundly sick of this
"You're just a web dev" attitude I have been hearing for those eight
years. Guess what? Web devs are some of our biggest customers and
evangelists. Treating them as idiots is part of what has gotten us to
where we are now.

In addition, if you paid attention to any of the presentations I have
made on this, or on what's going on around you in Silicon Valley or
the rest of the tech industry you'd know I am NOT just talking about
websites. Yes, continuous delivery/rapid shipping started with
websites, but I have pointed out many examples of client software that
ships this way: Netflix, Spotify, Steam, and many, many of the iOS and
Android apps that are killing the web ship fast and ship often. (We
have been lucky enough to get insight from the three companies I named
since Socorro is the leading open source app for client error
reporting, and they all use it.) There are even embedded software
companies that ship as often as possible, if not daily then weekly. (I
have examples but would need to ask permission to publicly share them.
They include utility companies, for example.)

I've explained this over and over again, and I no longer have time to
do so, so I'm going to go back to building the future of Mozilla.



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