[Go Faster] Do we want system add-ons to update without restarting?

Ian Bicking ibicking at mozilla.com
Mon Sep 28 20:58:28 UTC 2015

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 6:53 AM, Laura Thomson <lthomson at mozilla.com> wrote:

> However, I don't feel like we need all system add-ons or all updates
> to be restartless. It could be a property of a particular add-on
> (always restartless/never restartless) or particular updates could be
> marked as "needs restart".

Maybe a trivial note, but taking into account the atomic update of a set of
add-ons (so that no one has an unexpected combination of versions of system
add-ons), then it is the set of add-ons that may or may not require a
restart depending if any one add-on update requires a restart.  And then
really as an aside, if some people miss updates for a while (especially
likely if restart is required) then they might miss some versions entirely;
do we want all users to go through the exact same sequence of updates, or
just reach the same final versions?  Obviously skipping intermediate
versions *should* work fine, but obviously it will also lead to some
hard-to-reproduce bugs.
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