[Go Faster] Do we want system add-ons to update without restarting?

Richard Newman rnewman at mozilla.com
Sun Sep 27 01:00:24 UTC 2015

> There are benefits to development (don't need to build Firefox to work
> on the add-on) and the whole dev+build+deploy pipeline is faster and
> should be lower-risk than pushing a full build. It allows teams
> working on these add-ons to be more autonomous and not have to sync to
> Firefox's release cycle (barring a dependency on a platform change).
> Being able to ship updates faster feels like the most compelling reason,
> though.

On a little bit of a tangent: it's totally possible to develop chunks of
Firefox using add-on development processes, with or without deployment as
system add-ons — we did it with Sync five+ years ago, which shipped as an
add-on and also built into Firefox 4.

I have huge reservations about doing so, largely down to the bad parts of
Conway's Law — to a significant extent, the client design errors in desktop
Sync are due to decoupling from the rest of the browser, particularly
Places — but it's possible to get the development advantages without buying
in to new shipping models.
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