[Go Faster] System add-ons and safe mode

Dave Townsend dtownsend at mozilla.com
Tue Sep 8 15:54:34 UTC 2015

Currently Firefox's safe mode disabled all add-ons bringing the user back
to stock Firefox. What about system add-ons though? We've been talking
about system add-ons as being required pieces of functionality that the
user won't see in the add-ons manager and (generally) won't be able to turn
off. Treating them as normal add-ons for safe mode purposes breaks that.

The point of safe mode is to revert the user to a working state almost like
having a clean profile so I propose that in safe mode any system add-ons
that have been updated mid-cycle are ignored and instead we revert the user
to the system add-ons that shipped with their current Firefox install.

Any arguments against?
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