[Go Faster] updating and localizing system add-ons

Richard Newman rnewman at mozilla.com
Thu Sep 3 00:02:49 UTC 2015

> Add-ons can certainly check the locale and gracefully degrade features
> if desired - I think if we want to make such fine-grained decisions
> then the add-on itself is probably in the best position to make them.

On a little bit of a tangent, here's a wrench for this particular works:
Fennec ships a multi-locale build to release, and users can switch locale
at runtime without restarting the browser. The locale can change during a
session and between sessions (if the OS locale changes). That could lead to
some unpredictable results.

(Our single-locale Android repacks, IIRC, tend to be confused about which
locale they're in. That'll be unpredictable, too!)

Geo similarly can change. For our search settings we've previously just
anchored to the first geo we found, but that's probably not a great pattern
to carry forward… on the other hand, having your core browser experience
flip-flop as you move around the globe (or connect to VPNs!) or change
language seems like an even worse idea.

All that said - I think we have the ability to mix and match
> client/server logic here, and we have the latitude to change our minds
> if we don't like how things are going.

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