01/29/2016 Full Flash Aries Master - Smoke Test Results - 52/53 tests passed, 1 existing blocker

Jayme Mercado jmercado at qanalydocs.com
Fri Jan 29 18:45:17 UTC 2016

* 52/53 passing
* 0 reboots
* 0 crashes

* Note: Because of https://bugzil.la/1244149 blocking new build creation,
this build is not as recent as the builds normally tested.

Smoke Test Failures:


- None reported


- https://bugzil.la/1243849  Restore support for accessing the Cache API
from app:// URLs and also for storing requests/responses with app:// URLs
within it
  * Fails [4031 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/4031/>]
  ** https://bugzil.la/1243670 was duplicated to this bug.
  *** This issue is resolved fixed but is still occurring in the tested
build. We will verify this in the next smoke test.


Severe Issues:

- https://bugzil.la/1243880 Opening multiple apps in a quick manner causes
scroll and home button to break
- https://bugzil.la/1243159 [Aries] Start Tour button sometimes does not
function to progress through tutorials after FTU
- https://bugzil.la/1239136 Users are unable to scroll articles on yahoo.com
in browser
- https://bugzil.la/1234694 Sound settings reset to default after OTA update
- https://bugzil.la/1232857 Time remaining for battery is incorrect at times
- https://bugzil.la/1229321 [NFC]When using "NFC" to deliver files, the
DUT's interface turns black with the prompt "swipe to share"
  *This issue is still in "NEW" status but it is not reproducing on the
tested build.
- https://bugzil.la/1205809 [System] After updating latest OTA , keyboard
did not automatically show up on SIM Pin Screen
- https://bugzil.la/1228513 Turn on wifi and when it is searching aps, turn
on "Airplane mode", the wifi will be toggled on/off alternately
- https://bugzil.la/1226307 [music] Fast-seeking to the end of the song
skips over a song (goes from track 1 directly to 3)
- https://bugzil.la/1217928 [New Homescreen] Homescreen App order is not
preserved during OTA when moving to the New Home Screen
  *This issue is resolved fixed, but is still occurring on the latest build.
- https://bugzil.la/1220812 After unlocking the device from the lockscreen
there is a long pause until reaching the home screen
- https://bugzil.la/1234783 "Learn more" doesn't work normally and
background of home screen will become black
  *This issue is resolved fixed, but is still occurring on the tested build.
- https://bugzil.la/1235533 Voicemail, FDN and Call Forwarding is not
available if user open call settings via dialer
  *We are unable to reproduce this issue with our US T-Mobile and AT&T SIM
- https://bugzil.la/1235751 APP interface does not appear after taping home
- https://bugzil.la/1172163 [Aries][Homescreen][OTA] Uninstalled apps are
added back to the homescreen during an OTA System Update
- https://bugzil.la/1233243 [Aries] Zooming performance is poor and
unresponsive in Camera Preview


Environmental Variables:
Device: Aries 2.6 [Full Flash]
BuildID: 20160129003013
Gaia: 4023297b16fdc46de3ddb04be4f3c575313d1cde
Gecko: a152a1cbdcf0b2221e03f1d65ee23e6a01e50bac
Gonk: a19052e4389c3ae2d8fc3e7a74a475401baacc56
Version: 46.0a1 (2.6)
Firmware Version: D5803_23.1.A.1.28_NCB.ftf
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:46.0) Gecko/46.0 Firefox/46.0



Daily Smoke Test Logs:

Moztrap Run:

Mozilla QA Team
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