EOD Report for QAnalysts 01-04-2015

Kevin Tucker ktucker at qanalydocs.com
Tue Jan 5 00:53:50 UTC 2016

Today, the team consisted of 4 testers so the majority of the day was
focused on smoking Aries and Flame master builds as well as testing a new
Aries dogfood build.

Aries Dogfood fullimg/OTA testing took the majority of the day since setup
involves flashing to RC4, creating a user profile, sideloading to the 10/07
build, OTAing to the released 11/30 build and then updating locally to the
12/30 tested build. Sanity, Smoke and OTA test cases were completed and a
report was sent out.

Aries Dogfood fullimg test results:

Smoketest/Dogfood Test Logs:

Moztrap Run:

2.6 Exploratory Testing

No dedicated exploratory testing was performed today for the reasons stated



2.6/2.5 Verifications

No issues were verified as fixed today.

QA-Wanted Daily Report

All testers were on smoke today so no QA Wanted requests were completed.

? or + Blockers remaining in the Queue at End-of-day: 2



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