01/04/2016 Full Flash Aries-KK master Smoke Test Results - 53/53 tests passed, 0 existing blocker, 0 new blocker

Lancy(朱玉兰) yulan.zhu at mgsei.com
Mon Jan 4 09:25:55 UTC 2016

* 53/53 passing(0 failed and 2 skipped)
* 0 reboots
* 0 crashes
* Smoke Test Failures:

-None reported

-None reported

Severe Issues:

- https://bugzil.la/1232857 Time remaining for battery is incorrect at times
- https://bugzil.la/1232607 " X " and " import all" button can't work.
- https://bugzil.la/1229321 [NFC] When using "NFC" to deliver files, the
DUT's interface turns black with the prompt "swipe to share".
- https://bugzil.la/1228513 Turn on wifi and when it is searching aps, turn
on "Airplane mode", the wifi will be toggled on/off alternately
- https://bugzil.la/1220812 After unlocking the device from the lockscreen
there is a long pause until reaching the home screen
- https://bugzil.la/1224138 [Browser]Hard to find the new window button in
browser's window manager view.
- https://bugzil.la/1221482 [Contacts]The upper part of Duplicates found
page cannot be seen, and buttons at Add contact view are unable to work.
- https://bugzil.la/1234783 "Learn more" doesn't work normally and
background of home screen will become black.
- https://bugzil.la/1235533 Voicemail, FDN and Call Forwarding is not
available if user open call settings via dialer.
- https://bugzil.la/1235751 APP interface does not appear after taping home
- https://bugzil.la/1235753 Enable passcode and enter Camera from unlock
screen, recieve and end a call when video is recording, the video is
recording all the time.

Skipped Test Case Summary:
    a. Aries doesn't support DSDS, TC 10739 is skipped.
    b. FM Radio doesn't work on Aries. TC 2461 is skipped.

*Environmental Variables:
    Device:     	Aries-KK master
    Gaia-Rev   	ce8365a8d3867bc0661a1627aaa2cda51d1f7c05
    Build-ID    	20160103031739
    Version    	46.0a1
    Bootloader  	s1

    Moztrap Run: https://moztrap.mozilla.org/runtests/run/8681/env/347/ 

Mozilla QA Team

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