9/17/2015 Full Flash Flame-KK Master Smoke Test Results - 53/54 tests passed, 1 existing blocker, 0 new blocker

Lancy(朱玉兰) yulan.zhu at mgsei.com
Thu Sep 17 08:46:03 UTC 2015

* 53/54 passing(1 failed and 1 skipped)
* 0 reboots
* 0 crashes
* Smoke Test Failures:

- None Reported

    1. Bug 1188992 - [Updates] System Updates - Success over Wifi
        * https://bugzil.la/1188992     
        * It was failing TC-[2313]; appears to be working but will wait for resolution.

Severe Issue:
- https://bugzil.la/1190790 [Lock Screen]Can't open a missed call from lockscreen notification.
- https://bugzil.la/1183033 [B2G] Keyboard doesn't have click sound
- https://bugzil.la/1204622 crash in strlen | __vfprintf
  ** Reproduce-able crash after completing FTU when going quickly, doesn't affect testing.

Skipped Test Case Summary:
    * TC 16424 is skipped because Customizer, Sharing, Webmaker, Hackerplace, Studio, BuddyUp and Bugzilla Lite do not exist on Flame v2.5 build.

*Environmental Variables:
    Device:       Flame-KK 2.5
    Gaia-Rev      db6664f0e07e9966283d30cfc7006151fe7103ff
    Build-ID      20150916150204
    Version       43.0a1
    Bootloader    L1TC000118D0

    Moztrap Run: https://moztrap.mozilla.org/runtests/run/7959/env/27835/ 

Mozilla QA Team

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