EOD Report for QAnalysts 9-15-2015

Jayme Mercado jmercado at qanalydocs.com
Wed Sep 16 01:06:12 UTC 2015

2.5 Exploratory Testing

Today, the team tested a FOTA build for Aries dogfood.   No dedicated
exploratory was performed.

 Issues written today:


 1 regression was found:



2.5//2.2 Verifications

The QA Wanted team was focused on QA Wanted work, but still completed a
verification for 2.5.

 1 issue was verified today.



QA-Wanted Daily Report

QA-Wanted completed  tasks: 4 QA-Wanted, 1 Steps wanted and 0 Regression

Testers on QA Wanted today: 3

? or + Blockers remaining in the Queue at End-of-day: 3

High Pri QA Wanted Tasks Completed Today:  3 tasks over 3 bugs


Low Pri QA Wanted Tasks Completed Today: 2 tasks over 2 bugs



Thank you

Jayme M.
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