EOD Report for QAnalysts 9-14-2015

Jayme Mercado jmercado at qanalydocs.com
Tue Sep 15 00:58:04 UTC 2015

2.5 Exploratory Testing

Today, the team tested Aries Master looking for recent regressions in
Browser, FTU, Clock, Status Bar, Homescreen, and Bluetooth.  Exploratory
testing was performed in French and Italian.

 Etherpad used during testing:


 Exploratory Test Matrices:



 Issues written today:


 2 regressions were found:



2.5//2.2 Verifications

The QA Wanted team was focused on QA Wanted work, but still completed some
verifications for 2.5 and 2.2.

 3 issues were verified today.



QA-Wanted Daily Report

QA-Wanted completed  tasks: 3 QA-Wanted, 1 Steps wanted and 2 Regression

Testers on QA Wanted today: 3

? or + Blockers remaining in the Queue at End-of-day: 6

High Pri QA Wanted Tasks Completed Today:  5 tasks over 4 bugs


Low Pri QA Wanted Tasks Completed Today: 1 tasks over 1 bug



Thank you

Jayme M.
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