03/18/2015 mtbf-v2.2-flame-kk

Paul Yang pyang at mozilla.com
Wed Mar 18 10:31:03 UTC 2015

Running 1 build, average 11.2 hours.  Last week: 13.68, 16.09 (2 builds)

*Bug found:*
Bug 1141418 After 9 hours running, marionette server response incorrectly
Bug 1141962 [MTBF][Nexus5-L] MTBF testing aborted and found lots of "E
MP-Decision: Error1 setting online status to 1 forcpuX" error in logcat
Bug 1130916 [MTBF][Stability] Phone hung with FM Radio app still shown

*Detail link: *

*Paul - pyang
QA Engineer, Mozilla Taiwan
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