06/25/2015 Flame KK 2.2 Full Flash 319MB/v18D Smoke Test Results - 68/68 tests passed

Hermes Cheng hcheng at mozilla.com
Thu Jun 25 20:12:33 UTC 2015

There is no auto report today, but the new pvt build is created. So, I 
think there should be a report tomorrow.*

Test Results*
* 68 out of 68 *​​manual* tests passing
* 0 skipped
* ​0 fail
* 0 untested

* n/a *auto* tests

*Existing Bugs Breaking the Smoketests:​*

*​Tests Were Performed With: ​ *
   Build ID: 2015062416250437.0a2 (Full Flash)
      Gecko:​ 2f8b845e5fa3
       Gaia: 1f8981d7872e3c0053571c26fb3edaf401844d75
       Gonk: 7129207c321e7ac6e59bfa440693669403110e8c
Base Image: v18D

*Smoketest Results:​​*
*Moztrap Links:*
Run: ​ https://moztrap.mozilla.org/runtests/environment/7493/
​Results: https://moztrap.mozilla.org/results/cases/?filter-run=7493
Automation Reports:​ n/a
​Sincerely, ​
​FirefoxOS QA Team​​​​
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