06/18/2015 Full Flash Spark Master Smoke Tests Results - 46/51 tests passed, 1 new blocker, 2 existing blockers

Oliver Nelson onelson at qanalydocs.com
Thu Jun 18 20:08:05 UTC 2015

Test Results
* 46/51 passing
* 0 reboots
* 0 crashes

- FM Radio and Dual SIM cases are not counted, as they are not supported by
the Spark device.
- Tests were performed on the build to be frozen (version 2): 20150618064850
- OTA was not performed due to testing on a specific build.

Smoketest Failures:

- https://bugzil.la/1175910 Flame: lockscreen only takes 0000 to unlock,
even with the lockscreen code set
  * Fails [2460 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/2460/>]
  ** Issue is already resolved fixed

- https://bugzil.la/1174810 [Spark] z-index issue with dialogs/overlays
  * Fails [1772 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/1772/>] [1309
<https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/1309/>] [6119
- https://bugzil.la/1171556 Aries: default should be MTP
  * Fails [6072 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/6072/>]

No longer appears in Frozen:
* - https://bugzil.la/1175170 [Camera] There is debug text and red boxes
visible in the camera
  * Was failing [2460 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/2460/>], [
14789 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/14789/>], [1325
<https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/1325/>], [2477
- https://bugzil.la/1170357 [Aries][Notifications] Tapping notification
banners do not redirect user to appropriate screen
  * Was failing [14645 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/14645/>][
10744 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/10744/>]
- https://bugzil.la/1171257 [Aries][Video] Video recorded on device has
short pauses while playing back in video app
  *would fail [2478 <https://moztrap.mozilla.org/manage/case/2478/>], not


Severe Issues:

- https://bugzil.la/1174723 [Aries] Notification panel drag transitions
becomes flickery if you drag it in landscape mode

- https://bugzil.la/1171751 [Aries][Camera][Video] Camera cannot save low
resolution video recorded for the Messages app

- https://bugzil.la/1154055 [Homescreen] Deleting a Marketplace app causes
broken homescreen UI and functionality after device restart
  * Verified fix


Build Information (Full Flash):
Device: Aries 3.0
BuildID: 20150618064850
Gaia: ac61ff69e03db3d4ca752d6b4a29c93633127b8d
Gecko: b018f8e192cb1116442370f81b0832362b8124df
Gonk: 2916e2368074b5383c80bf5a0fba3fc83ba310bd
Version: 41.0a1 (3.0)
Firmware Version: D5803_23.1.A.1.28_NCB.ftf
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:41.0) Gecko/41.0 Firefox/41.0

OTA Updated From: N/A

Daily Smoke Test Logs:
Moztrap Results:

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