Please check your gmail spam list for v2.2 Gaia-UI automation Report

Hermes Cheng hcheng at
Thu Jun 18 06:44:37 UTC 2015

Dear All,

It seems that lots of you have not received v2.2 gaia-ui automation 
report for a few days. The reason is that gmail has spam that e-mail. 
Could you please check your gmail and to mark these kind of mails to 
'not spam'?

The e-mail is "liuke at".
The e-mail topic is like "6/17/2015 Flame KK v18D Gaia-ui Automation 
v2.2 Mozilla RIL Full Flash Build 41/45 smoketests, 128/132 non-smoketests".


Mozilla Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-87861100#277

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