01/14/2015 Flame KK Master Full Flash 319MB/v18D-1 Smoke Test Results - 56/68 tests passed, 1 new blocker and 1 existing blocker

Parul Mathur pmathur at mozilla.com
Wed Jan 14 17:21:44 PST 2015

- All tests were performed against base image v18D-1
- https://bugzil.la/1121045[b2g] we need root access on the b2g builds  
- Smoke Test Case added to cover bug https://bugzil.la/1120566

Test Results
* 56 out of 68 tests passing
* 0 reboots
* 1 crash https://bugzil.la/1121739crash in 

New Bugs Breaking the Smoketests:
https://bugzil.la/1120566[Browser][Pinch Zoom] Tap events do not occur 
in the correct location when the browser window is zoomed in.

Existing Bugs Breaking the Smoketests:
- https://bugzil.la/1121033[Keyboards] Having a keyboard active will  
disable all app interaction if the user has typed anything.

New Issues Not Breaking the Smoketests:
- None Reported

Existing Issues Not Breaking the Smoketests:
https://bugzil.la/1121095[Windows Management][Dialer] - Tapping on a  
screenshot notification in the notification menu fails to bring up the  
screenshot preview when on the callscreen.
https://bugzil.la/1118711Email app fails to fully launch due to  
apparent worker JS runtime problem (reported as "InternalError: too 
much  recursion") breaking startup process
https://bugzil.la/1118361[Email] Status Bar displays white icons on  
white background after in Settings of App

Tests Were Performed With:
Build ID: 20150114010205 (Master)(Full Flash)
Gecko: 63006936ab99
Gaia: e2a0f7c311119d4a8e160bdfb9e28a0e61a180fc
Gonk: a814b2e2dfdda7140cb3a357617dc4fbb1435e76
Version: 38.0a1
Base Image: v18D-1
OTA Updated From: 20150113010202

Smoketest Results:

Moztrap Links:
Run: https://moztrap.mozilla.org/runtests/run/6215/env/27835/
Results: https://moztrap.mozilla.org/results/cases/?filter-run=6215

FirefoxOS QA Team
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