QAnalyst point of contact changes

Kevin Tucker ktucker at
Mon Jan 5 11:47:10 PST 2015

Good morning,

Due to the recent reduction of testers on the QAnalysts side, we have
reorganized and the main point of contact for each team has changed.

*Peter Bylenga* will handle all smoke and flash related questions and

*Xchat* - PeterB
*Email *- pbylenga at

*Kevin Tucker* will be the point of contact for QAWanted as well as any
other specialized testing requests.

*Xchat* - KTucker
*Email* - ktucker at

Derek Harris and Joshua Mitchell will no longer be handling these type of
requests. They will be working on the smoke team.

Please also cc* esands at <esands at> on *any
correspondence to the leads.

Thank you

QAnalysts Team
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