Switching to Gecko(View) / WebView pain points

Sebastian Kaspari skaspari at mozilla.com
Wed Oct 25 16:13:43 UTC 2017

Hey all,

back when we started working on Focus for Android we made the decision to
build it on top of WebView instead of Gecko(View) [although technically we
still try to support both options].

We shipped 7 releases now and over time we have seen various issues with
WebView. I took the time to document those pain points here:

Note that this list *only* contains the WebView pain points we have
identified. It explicitly does not mention risks or problems that we'd face
if we'd actually switch to GeckoView. So it should not be understood as a
recommendation to switch to GeckoView immediately. However I think we are
starting to see enough pain so that we should start to consider and discuss

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