ChromeUtils.addProfilerMarker - new API to add profiler markers from JS code

Florian Quèze florian at
Tue Apr 7 13:22:32 UTC 2020

I recently landed a new scriptable API
<> to add profiler
markers: ChromeUtils.addProfilerMarker.
This makes it possible for chrome privileged JS code to insert profiler
markers that (optionally) have a duration and an associated text.


   - Adding a marker without duration:
   - Adding a marker showing the time it took to do something:
   let startTime =;
   /* do stuff */
   ChromeUtils.addProfilerMarker("markerName", startTime);
   The performance object is available in windows and workers. In JS
   modules, use instead of
   - Adding a marker with a duration and an associated extra string:
   ChromeUtils.addProfilerMarker("markerName", startTime, "marker text");

Hopefully, this should make it easier to show clearly in the profiler what
our JS code is doing. The first use I made of this was to show the OS.File
operations that are done asynchronously (example profile:

Scriptable marker APIs that already existed:

   - Adding a marker from XPCOM-enabled contexts:
   if (Services.profiler) {
   The null check was required to avoid exceptions on tier3 platforms that
   don't implement the profiler service.
   We will probably want to deprecate this API and migrate all existing
   - Adding a 'UserTiming' marker with a duration in a window or worker:
   /* do stuff */
   performance.measure("marker text", "markName");
   This will add a marker named UserTiming with the "marker text"
   associated text, and the duration between the performance.mark and the
   performance.measure calls. However, the performance.measure
   implementation is slow
   <> enough that it
   adds significant overhead if called frequently.
   This API will remain available, but should be avoided for chrome
   privileged code.

Florian Quèze
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