Changes to about:telemetry -- Now With Processes!

Chris Hutten-Czapski chutten at
Thu May 9 16:33:49 UTC 2019


about:telemetry, the UI that allows you to browse current and historical
Telemetry data in Firefox, is changing slightly. Starting with bug 1437446
(presently on autoland) it will default to showing you the Telemetry
collected in all process types (previously it would show only the "current"
process' data, which was confusing to users).

This means you no longer need to use the drop-down at the top-right near
the search bar to select the process you're interested in, _and_ search
will comb through all probes in all processes by default.

(that drop-down now controls which "store" of data you're viewing.)

This is all thanks to contributor :dalc who took this design across the
finish line. Thank you :dalc!

If you find any bugs, please file them as usual in Toolkit::Telemetry.

Firefox Telemetry Team
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