PSA: Changes to ESLint & HTML mainly affecting Sublime Text users

Mark Banner mbanner at
Sat Jun 22 19:51:30 UTC 2019

tl;dr We've changed ESLint's configuration to enable HTML parsing by 
default for better editor integration. Sublime Text users will need to 
change configuration.

Up until now the ESLint configuration in mozilla-central has been with 
the html plugin not enabled, but to enable it when `./mach eslint` is 
run. The main effect of this is that editors that automatically run 
linters, HTML files would not be checked.

With the configuration change 
<>, HTML files will 
now be parsed by VSCode and Atom (and possibly other editors).

The downside is that Sublime Text has its own parsing for HTML files and 
this conflicts with ESLint's HTML plugin 

If you want Sublime to keep working, you need to change your user 
settings for the SublimeLinter plugin to include the selector 
configuration below:

|{ "linters": { "eslint": { "selector": "source.js, text.html.basic, 
text.xml", } } } |||


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