Michigan State University Capstone Team Introduction - More Fluent Migrations, Tests, and Parser Optimization!

Ian Kirkpatrick kirkpatrickian6 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 18:53:01 UTC 2019

Greetings from the Spring 2019 Michigan State University Mozilla Capstone team,

We’re incredibly excited for this introduction to open source contributions from the most appropriate organization, Mozilla!

For this semester our humble team of six has a lot planned. First we’ll be continuing the last Mozilla capstones teams’ work on Fluent migrations. Alongside that we’ll be improving the tooling around Fluent — specifically tests involving correct translations. Third we’ll be investigating potential performance gains from using a Rust based parser transpiled to web assembly. You can follow our progress at our meta-bug[1]. 

Here’s a summary of what we’ve been working on so far:
Avery Berninger: [in-review] Porting about:tabcrashed <about:tabcrashed>
Brian Chen: [in-progress] Porting Reset Profile dialog to fluent
Chris Frey: [in-progress] Working on porting the Page Info dialog box to Fluent, currently working on the migration script, almost ready for review.
Ian Kirkpatrick: [in-progress] Porting Browser Migration wizard to Fluent.
Nick Cowles: [in-progress] Porting the Safe Mode dialog to Fluent, almost ready for review.
Yuan Cheng: [in-review] Porting File->About Firefox dialog to Fluent

Thank you everyone who has already been so helpful on IRC and especially thank you to our mentors Jared Wein and Gijs Kruitbosch. We’re all looking forward to learning from this unique and enthusiastic community!

- Ian Kirkpatrick, Avery Berninger, Nick Cowles, Yuan Cheng, Chris Frey, Brian Chen[2]    

[1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1517304 <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1517304>
[2] http://www.capstone.cse.msu.edu/2019-01/projects/mozilla/images/thumbnails/team-photo.jpg <http://www.capstone.cse.msu.edu/2019-01/projects/mozilla/images/thumbnails/team-photo.jpg>
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