User-Initiated Picture-in-Picture enabled on Windows, Nightly only for now

Mike Conley mconley at
Fri Apr 19 15:19:02 UTC 2019

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Hello all,

Just a heads up that in bug 1527925
<>, I've enabled
User-Initiated Picture-in-Picture by default on Windows, Nightly-only for

This feature allows you to pull videos out of a page into an "always on
top" window that can be moved around and resized.

You can start Picture-in-Picture by one of two ways:

1. You can right-click on a video element, and toggle it via the context
2. You can hover the video with your mouse, and click on the blue
"Picture-in-Picture" toggle that should appear on the right side of the

The feature is still under heavy development, so expect bugs and glitches
while we sort that out. You can help us make this thing better by filing
bugs against this meta bug

You can also reach out and ask questions by responding to this thread (on
the firefox-dev list, please), or reaching out directly to myself
(Engineering), Dave Justice (Engineering), Emanuela Damian (UX) or Andreas
Bovens (Product).


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