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Dark Theme Darkening - MSU Capstone student project update #3

Since our last blog post, we have continued our work on the Dark Theme
Darkening project.  All team members have continued working on their bugs.
Connor is working on adding support for styling sidebars, Dylan and Zhengyi
have continued to work on styling the autocomplete popup and are nearing
completion.  Bogdan is finishing up work on making the toolbar properties
apply to the findbar, and Vivek is implementing some really cool
transitions when switching between themes.

Two weekends ago we had our hack weekend with Jared and Mike. Jared drove
up from Royal Oak and Mike flew in from Toronto.  Half-a-foot of snow made
for some difficult driving conditions and caused Mike’s flights both to and
from MSU to be delayed to the next day but we all made it in the end.  We
had a productive weekend and were all able to learn much more about how
Firefox works.  One of the more interesting topics Mike and Jared talked
about was how Firefox was transitioning to a new backed written in Rust
with the new Servo engine. Additionally, it was really fun getting to know
everyone better and getting more comfortable with the Firefox codebase.

MSU Capstone,
Team Mozilla
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