Dark Theme Darkening - MSU Capstone student project update #2

Stokes, Dylan Ryan stokesdy at msu.edu
Sat Feb 10 17:35:46 UTC 2018


We have been continuing our work for the Dark Theme Darkening project. Since the last update most of us have landed our first patch on mozilla-central. Dylan added both icon and icon_attention properties (http://bugzil.la/1347184<http://bugzil.la/>), Bogdan implemented Google Chrome frame inactive (<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1412591>http://bugzil.la/1412591<http://bugzil.la/141>), Vivek added button color properties (http://bugzil.la/1431189), and Zhengyi added tab loading indicator properties (http://bugzil.la/1426686<http://bugzil.la/14>).

Currently Dylan and Zhengyi are assigned to theming autocomplete toolbar (http://bugzil.la/1417883), Bogdan is assigned to allowing toolbar properties apply to the findbar (http://bugzil.la/1418605<http://bugzil.la/14186>), Vivek is assigned to making the transitions between two themes smooth (http://bugzil.la/1397393<http://bugzil.la/1>), and Connor has been working on allowing the arrow panels to be themeable and is waiting for review (http://bugzil.la/1417880<http://bugzil.la/141>).

We are all starting to become more comfortable with Mercurial and the review process. A cool new tool suggested to us was Janitor. You can spin up a development environment in seconds and develop through your browser. This is a handy tool for remote work! (https://janitor.technology/)

This weekend both Jared and Mike are braving the cold and snow to visit MSU and hack with us. They will be answering questions as well as providing insight on various topics. It should be a very productive weekend and learning experience for us all.

MSU Capstone,
Team Mozilla

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