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Cameron McCormack cam at
Fri Aug 31 01:22:36 UTC 2018

[bcc: firefox-dev, firefox-triage-leads]


The Layout team has done some Bugzilla component reorganization to distribute features and areas of code a bit better.  There are a number of new components split out from existing ones:

* Previously covered by CSS Parsing and Computation:
** CSS Transitions and Animations

* Previously covered by the general Layout component:
** Layout: Columns
** Layout: Flexbox
** Layout: Generated Content, Lists, and Counters
** Layout: Grid
** Layout: Ruby
** Layout: Scrolling and Overflow

Some lesser used components have been merged into other components:

* Layout: HTML Frames => Layout: Images (which is renamed; see below)
* Layout: Misc Code => Layout
* Layout: View Rendering => Layout: Web Painting

And a couple of components have been renamed:

* Layout: Images -> Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames
* Layout: R & A Pos -> Layout: Positioned
* Layout: Text -> Layout: Text and Fonts

Also, the descriptions for all of these components have been updated, and now include a list of specifications they are intended to cover.

Hopefully this makes it easier for developers to watch for bugs related to features they are interested in, and for bug filers to find the right component to file their bugs in.

Note that apart from the components that were merged, I haven't asked for existing bugs to be moved from their old components to their new, more specialized components.  I will leave it to the new triage leads for individual components to decide which bugs to move across if any.

Please check the Bugzilla components you are watching and whether you need to update any bookmarked search or bug filing URLs.



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