Proposal: Require dangling commas for multiline objects/arrays on all Javascript mozilla-central code

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Aug 28 12:04:52 UTC 2018

On 22/08/2018 21:29, Mark Banner wrote:
> Since there are a large amount of instances (approx 12k) that would 
> need to be fixed across the code base, I would propose that we roll it 
> out on a per-directory basis. For example, we could do all of browser/ 
> at the start of the 64 cycle just after the merges (alternately the 
> end of the 63 cycle during soft freeze), then do toolkit/ at the next 
> merge time, and then pick up the rest at the end. This will limit the 
> scope of possible bitrotting to smaller chunks, as well as making the 
> patch sizes more manageable.
I've not heard any negative comments, so I am moving forward with this. 
Having looked at the stats a bit more, I'm going to land this in two 
chunks. The first will be to enable the rule on files in these 
sub-directories of mozilla-central:

browser/ services/ toolkit/ taskcluster/

I'm aiming to land these on Friday (31st August), ahead of the 63 merges 
to beta. As others suggested, this should make uplifts easier. Bug 
1486739 <> is 
tracking this.

For the rest of the files, I'm currently looking at Friday 19 October, 
ahead of the 64 merges to beta. Bug 1486741 
<> will track this part.


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