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We've noticed that attachment links are no longer working because they're
still trying to go to reviewboard, and there don't appear to be redirects.
See for example this bug: It has two
attachments. Clicking either one of them gives you a hard-hat page instead
of the changes.

On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 1:30 PM Mark Côté <mcote at> wrote:

> To follow up on my follow up, there were some good suggestions on
> dev-platform, so we're going to amend our plan somewhat.
> On August 20, we will remove public access to MozReview and move all the
> repositories on to (exact
> location TBD). We will create a simple redirection service that will map
> each of the following:
> * review-request diff to appropriate changeset in the review repo on
> * review request to associated bug
> * review to the associated BMO comment
> Only diffs that have “stub attachments” will be redirected, which means
> the most recent diffs on review requests. This includes any abandoned or
> obsoleted diffs.
> This will ensure that all stub attachments redirect to diffs, and that any
> links in docs, browser histories, etc., will
> redirect to equivalent content. It was also preserve any unpublished
> commits that were part of a diff's history.
> There is no change to the update-only period from August 6 to August 20.
> Mark
> On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 2:37 PM, Mark Côté <mcote at> wrote:
>> To follow up on some previous threads, here is the plan for deprecating,
>> archiving, and decommissioning MozReview.
>> The MozReview shutdown deadline is approaching. Although enhanced
>> commit-series support is still in progress (see update below), MozReview
>> users should start familiarizing themselves with Phabricator now. We have a
>> guide specifically for MozReview users to ease the transition (which will
>> be updated when the commit-series work is finalized):
>> From August 6 to August 20, use of MozReview will be restricted to
>> updates to existing reviews. In other words, review cycles in progress will
>> be given until August 20 to be completed, but no new commit series will be
>> permitted.
>> On August 20, we will remove public access to MozReview and archive
>> patches. Every landed, in-progress, and abandoned patch will be downloaded
>> from MozReview and stored in an S3 bucket. The “stub attachments” in
>> Bugzilla that currently redirect to MozReview will be updated to link to
>> the appropriate S3 bucket. Review flags and bug comments will be preserved.
>> After archiving is complete and verified, the MozReview servers will be
>> decommissioned.
>> We will also be writing a simple redirection service to map specific
>> MozReview reviews to associated BMO comments, review requests to associated
>> bugs, and review-request diffs to the appropriate S3 buckets. This service
>> will be up shortly after MozReview is decommissioned.
>> We realize and apologize that this is a fairly short timeline; however,
>> the current location of the MozReview servers is in the process of being
>> shut down, and thus it is urgent that we decommission this service soon to
>> allow an orderly exit.
>> As for enhanced support for series of commits in Phabricator, the new
>> command-line interface to submit, update, and apply series (bug 1471678) is
>> currently in review. The first release will support Mercurial only, but
>> git-cinnabar support will follow shortly (the code is designed with it in
>> mind). Work on series support in Lando (bug 1457525) is progressing; we
>> will be posting screenshots of the new UI shortly. It should be ready in
>> 2-3 weeks.
>> Please note that we eventually plan to decommission Splinter as well;
>> however, we know we need some time to work out the kinks in Phabricator.
>> Splinter will remain operational near-term, but we ask everybody to
>> familiarize themselves with Phabricator and file bugs when things don't
>> work. *Please do not wait for Splinter EOL to try Phabricator; we need your
>> feedback before then in order to act on it.*
>> Mark
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