Windows support for moz-phab and Arcanist

Mark Côté mcote at
Tue Aug 21 15:32:08 UTC 2018

Quick update:

- Landed Windows 10 support for moz-phab (our commit-series-friendly
Arcanist wrapper).
- Improved installation and usage instructions for moz-phab.
- Referenced moz-phab from our Phabricator user guide (mainly just a link
to moz-phab's README).
- Published our own Arcanist installation docs for Windows 10 ( It is
a clear, step-by-step guide with more details than the official docs.

Our current priority for moz-phab is git support. As an aside,
commit-series support for Lando is progressing through review (see and its blocker bugs).

You can find moz-phab at

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