Question about the new bookmarking frame of Firefox 62

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Fri Aug 17 12:48:54 UTC 2018

I can't fully answer the question but at least provide some context.

1. The basic idea was to establish a "card" metaphor. A card would, in
different contexts, consistently represent a site and always have a title,
an image, and a favicon.

2. The original design asks for a web-page provided preview image (see We don't have the
infrastructure in place to use these images here, and many pages just won't
provide one, so we'd fall back to the screenshot.

(1) is a vision that we're only starting to implement. I'm not sure that
the bookmark dialog is the best place to start. (2) will continue to be an
issue -- a screenshot will always look redundant when you're already on the

2018-08-16 11:06 GMT+02:00 Lukas Waymann <meribold at>:

> Hi,
> This is about the new bookmarking frame of Firefox 62: I was wondering
> what the advantage of showing a small screenshot of the current webpage
> is?  Isn't that screenshot just a thumbnail of the page the user is
> already looking at anyway?
> I'm referring to <>.
> Off-topic: I asked this question in #ux first, but was told that IRC
> channel is mostly dead as the UX team moved to a non-public channel on
> Slack.  I also failed to find a more specialized mailing list to send
> this message to.
> Best regards,
> Lukas
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