PSA: mercurial-setup becomes vcs-setup and adds support for git

Panos Astithas past at
Fri Aug 17 07:50:32 UTC 2018

Hi all,

since bug 1257478 landed in m-c earlier today, you should now be using
'mach vcs-setup' instead of 'mach mercurial-setup'. Nothing else changes in
your workflow (e.g. 'mach mercurial-setup -u' becomes 'mach vcs-setup -u')
and the spell checker will suggest vcs-setup if you try to use

If you are a git-cinnabar user, your workflow is now supported. 'mach
vcs-setup --git' will fetch the latest recommended version of git-cinnabar
and configure it for you. The --update-only flag is also available for git,
so it would be a good idea to run 'mach vcs-setup --git --update-only' (or
'mach vcs-setup -gu') every now and then to make sure everything is up to

'mach bootstrap' will also offer to update and configure your git-cinnabar
environment if a git checkout is detected.

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