Should we make content console messages print to stdout when browser.dom.window.dump.enabled is true?

Andreas Tolfsen ato at
Mon Aug 13 15:36:36 UTC 2018

Hi, sorry for chiming in late.

dump() is used extensively for logging through Log.jsm, and that
again is used in a lot of our test automation.

Also sprach Brian Grinstead:

> Based on the discussion here and on the bug, I do think there’s
> value in being able to separately control chrome and content logs
> going to stdout. I’m leaning towards either:
> 1) Keep the current behavior for chrome callers and then add a
> second pref (false by default everywhere) to allow content logs to
> go out to stdout.

Sorry, maybe this is a stupid question, but what exactly is a “chrome
caller” and how is it differentiated from a JSM using dump()?

> 2) Stop overloading `browser.dom.window.dump.enabled`, and instead
> add two new prefs like `` and
> `devtools.console.stdout.content`. The chrome variation would be
> true by default in local builds and automation, I guess, and the
> content variation would be false by default everywhere.

Being able to differentiate between web content uses of window.dump()
and those originating from privileged JS seems reasonable, but why
devtools.console.*?  Is dump() specific to devtools?

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