Initial release of Arcanist wrapper

Mark Côté mcote at
Wed Aug 8 15:32:22 UTC 2018

The first iteration of our commit-series-friendly Arcanist wrapper is ready
for use. At this time, it only supports Mercurial (without mq) and doesn't
yet support Windows, but we wanted to get what we have out in front of
users. We are continuing work on Windows support (, git-cinnabar support
(, and other features.
See and report bugs under Conduit :: Review Wrapper (

Note that the canonical repo is now If you were an early tester of
the code at, glob will be moving that
to the mozilla-conduit org and then archiving it after a week or so, to
allow users time to switch over to the new repo.

Lando support for commit series ( is nearing completion.

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