Wish for funktionality: write inactive tabs to hdd or make them sleep

Dave Townsend dtownsend at mozilla.com
Thu Nov 30 23:32:32 UTC 2017

Limiting the memory in use by Firefox is a difficult proposition, what
would you expect Firefox to do in case it ran out of space? Currently we
pretty much have no option other than to crash.

One add-on you might be interested in though is Dormancy (
which will work in coming versions of Firefox and allows unused tabs to be
made dormant where they are essentially unloaded from memory and then
reloaded when you go back to them.

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 3:30 PM Michael Gattinger <
vollesvertrauen at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> i am new to this mailinglist since today. I am from germany, please use
> simple english.
> I have a wish. I want idle tabs to be written to hdd or even made sleep
> after a time, specified by user.
> I have 32 GB of RAM (main memory). I have much tabs open. often >200
> pieces.
> The process is eating main memory as much as it can collect. often >20 GB
> main memory just for firefox.
> Is it possible to
> - limit main memory to 10GB for Firefox (by users specification)?
> (Microsoft Virtual PC is able to access as much memory as user specifies)
> - write tabs to hdd and free the memory, used by them, wenn tab is
> inactive since x time?
> - make tabs sleep, so that they don't ask for more memory?
> Each of listet would be helpfull.
> This is a request for eather
> - existing function
> - think about implementing this function
> - talk about add-ons, helping with that
> Thanks - Enomine
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