Wish for funktionality: write inactive tabs to hdd or make them sleep

Michael Gattinger vollesvertrauen at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 30 17:07:36 UTC 2017


i am new to this mailinglist since today. I am from germany, please use
simple english.

I have a wish. I want idle tabs to be written to hdd or even made sleep
after a time, specified by user.
I have 32 GB of RAM (main memory). I have much tabs open. often >200 pieces.
The process is eating main memory as much as it can collect. often >20 GB
main memory just for firefox.

Is it possible to
- limit main memory to 10GB for Firefox (by users specification)?
(Microsoft Virtual PC is able to access as much memory as user specifies)
- write tabs to hdd and free the memory, used by them, wenn tab is inactive
since x time?
- make tabs sleep, so that they don't ask for more memory?

Each of listet would be helpfull.
This is a request for eather
- existing function
- think about implementing this function
- talk about add-ons, helping with that

Thanks - Enomine
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