Browser Architecture Newsletter 5

Dave Townsend dtownsend at
Wed Nov 29 20:47:14 UTC 2017

Welcome to the exciting fifth instalment in our series of Browser
Architecture Newsletters!

Storage and Sync

We are pleased to report that the Sync and Storage roadmap proposal
successfully passed review by dcamp. Thanks to the 20+ people from around
the organization who helped us build consensus.

The roadmap establishes that storage and syncing of user data is a pillar
of the Firefox ecosystem, warranting holistic and long-term attention, and
outlines both where we’d like to end up and some ideas for how to get there.

We expect this roadmap to lead to a number of subsequent concrete design
reviews, as we begin with prototyping, further competitive analysis, and
more coordination across Mozilla. The roadmap doc itself has been lightly
cleaned up and published
alongside our other docs

If you’re working on improving storage or syncing of data in any of our
products or projects, on any platform, or if you’re currently struggling to
work with what currently exists, then we’d like to hear from you and align
our efforts.

You can find us in Slack or IRC (#browser-arch), or come find rnewman,
etoop, rfkelly, markh, or adavis.

We’ll be meeting to talk in more detail about the roadmap, the present, and
the future at the All Hands
<>. We
would welcome your participation.

XBL Removal

Our work to remove XBL is proceeding apace. We’ve started by removing
bindings that are never or only rarely used. Work to convert XBL bindings
to custom elements is currently stalled while we get custom elements
working in XUL.

You can track how this project is progressing with some lovely graphs
<>. If you’d like to help with
the effort, you can grab a bug tagged with [xbl-available]

Workflow Improvements

Running mochitest-plain in headless mode is now supported on Windows,
MacOS, and Linux. Use the “--headless” flag with “./mach test” to try it

Austin All Hands

We have two meetings planned for the All Hands. You can see these in Sched

Austin Y'all Hands 2017: Sync and Storage

Austin Y'all Hands 2017: XBL and XUL Removal
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