Phabricator/Lando update, November 2017

Mark Côté mcote at
Wed Nov 29 16:35:38 UTC 2017

I posted an update on Phabricator and Lando to my blog a couple weeks ago,
but I figured I should share it here too:

There are two important points:

1. Our Phabricator instance has been up and running for a few months now.
Our team has been using it regularly, as has the NSS team and some Firefox
devs.  We were hesitant to advertise this too widely in order not to create
any confusion around the Quantum release, but now that that has settled
down I am told it should be fine for anyone to start using it.  The
instance is at and there are docs
at  We
will have some hands-on training in Austin as well.

Note that we are still technically in a pre-release state as we are making
a few more changes to the underlying BMO-integration engine to ensure it
remains rock solid.

2. For a few reasons, the release of Lando (the system tying Phabricator
and Autoland together) is being pushed back to 2018Q1.  There is more info
on Lando, with screenshots, in my post.

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