Firefox v57 ('Quantum'?)

Brendan Barnwell brenbarn at
Fri Nov 17 04:21:04 UTC 2017

On 2017-11-16 09:20, mhoye wrote:
> Having said all that: If Photon is not meeting your personal needs here,
> I encourage you to take a look at the "customize" options that are
> available in the rightmost pulldown menu next to the URL bar. There is a
> lot of flexibility there for you to tweak the UI until it's just what
> you'd want, if our defaults aren't meeting your needs.  As well, if
> you'd like more flexibility than those options provide, take a look at
> AMO -  - to see if there are addons might help
> tweak your setup.

	As far as I can tell, it is not even remotely possible to customize it 
to make it "just what I'd want" because the extensions that used to do 
that have been axed.  "Just what I want" includes for instance:

* Rectangular tabs
* Multi-row tab bar
* Standard native OS title bar on top, then standard native OS menu bar, 
then toolbar, then tab bar
* Ability to have a separate bar for tab groups (which of course entails 
being able to have tab groups in the first place)

	Can you explain how to achieve those things in Firefox 57?

	To be honest I am a bit irritated by the attitude of "take a look at 
AMO".  I have been taking a look at AMO for years.  I can do all the 
things I want to do with old versions of Firefox.  My feeling is that if 
Firefox is going to change its UI out from under users, the onus is on 
Firefox to provide the migration path explaining how to retain the old 
behavior in the new UI, not just vaguely say "look on AMO" (especially 
when I'm pretty sure some of the customizations I liked from older 
Firefox versions have been explicitly broken by the new design and 
extensions mechanism).  If retaining those behaviors is not possible, 
that's a failure.  It's not worth it even if the new version is 10 times 

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