Firefox v57 ('Quantum'?)

Coda Coder codacodercodacoder at
Fri Nov 17 04:28:36 UTC 2017

On 2017-11-16 17:24, Mike Hommey wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 10:56:54PM +0000, Coda Coder wrote:
>>      I have things in the address bar I don't want and things missing I
>> do want and no way to add them.
>>      Example.  Pocket.  No thank you.  Answer: tough, we're gonna put it
>> in the menu AND in the address bar.  And no you can't change it.
> I don't know why it's not in "customize", but you can right-click on the
> icon in the address bar, that allows to remove it.

<head-slap> Thank you.  I never thought of that.  But really, is that 
good enough? Not exactly very discoverable.  And two ways to customize, 
neither of which covers everything?

> And since it's not in
> "customize", you can't get it back if you really want to. Known issue?

Should be.  But I'll admit, rightly or wrongly, none of these "issues" 
are things I would spend any time logging on bugzilla.  If a bug doesn't 
kill my app/UX, you get a free pass. ;)

Something I meant to mention in my previous...

Mention was made if using the browser full-screen (F11, I presume). Does 
anyone have any figures/telemetry data for that? Percentage of users 
doing it... of those, how often/length of time... do some always work 
full-screen? Are there some that use the browser both ways?

Reason I ask: The company I work for has a user base upwards of 400K.  
We're confident *nobody* does that.  I'd love to know I had that much 
screen real estate to take advantage of, but I don't.  So based on my 
admittedly limited user knowledge, I'd say any argument that relied on 
that use-case was pretty weak at best.

Thanks again.

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