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Fri Nov 17 21:43:50 UTC 2017

On Friday 2017-11-17 01:03 +0000, Harald Kirschner wrote:
> tl;dr: To better understand usage and prioritize work that matters for
> users, the perf.html team is planning to add GA on [1]
> (né Cleopatra) to track high-level interface interactions.
> Background: perf.html is an advanced performance analysis tool, build as
> hosted web application. Performance profiles are recorded using the Gecko
> Profiler add-on [2], which then hands them to perf.html for local viewing.
> The tool is maintained by the Firefox Developer Tools team and mostly used
> by Firefox engineers and community members.
> Work to add GA is happening in
> . Important to note is
> that GA is not loaded when Do Not Track (DNT) is enabled and that tracking
> is limited to critical paths and feature usage within the interface.
> Product analytics, combined with the existing close collaboration with
> Quantum Flow engineering, will inform future bug priorities and product
> planning.
> Let us know if you have any feedback or concerns. We'd also be happy to
> welcome new contributors to the perf.html project!

So as someone who was already a bit nervous about uploading profiles
to given the amount of URL data in them, I guess this
makes me a little bit more nervous, since there will be script from
yet more sources mixed in to the page.  I'm not sure if that gives
me a clear opinion one way or another, but I think it's worth
consideration of the sensitivity of the data in profiles (primarily
URLs that are loading and doing something).


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