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Harald Kirschner harald at
Fri Nov 17 01:03:19 UTC 2017

tl;dr: To better understand usage and prioritize work that matters for
users, the perf.html team is planning to add GA on [1]
(né Cleopatra) to track high-level interface interactions.

Background: perf.html is an advanced performance analysis tool, build as
hosted web application. Performance profiles are recorded using the Gecko
Profiler add-on [2], which then hands them to perf.html for local viewing.
The tool is maintained by the Firefox Developer Tools team and mostly used
by Firefox engineers and community members.

Work to add GA is happening in . Important to note is
that GA is not loaded when Do Not Track (DNT) is enabled and that tracking
is limited to critical paths and feature usage within the interface.
Product analytics, combined with the existing close collaboration with
Quantum Flow engineering, will inform future bug priorities and product

Let us know if you have any feedback or concerns. We'd also be happy to
welcome new contributors to the perf.html project!


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