Firefox v57 ('Quantum'?)

Daniel Ford dfnojunk at
Thu Nov 16 03:42:42 UTC 2017

Maybe this is not the best list to post this to, but here goes...

I'm puzzled as to why the dev team trumpets the great processing speed
improvements, but at the same time slow down users because of poor
ergonomics.  Where are these people getting their training in user
ergonomics??  And where was the user-survey they should have done
beforehand, to find out what 'real people' (users, not developers) want?  I
didn't see it.

The processing speed improvement is qualitatively un-noticeable (to me).
Browsing speed is rarely affected by the processing speed, but most often by
the speed of the 'pipe' from the website to my house.

But a more significant affect on speed is the poor ergonomics.  When web
browsing, it's almost all about mouse movements.  So best user-speed is
achieved by putting the 'buttons' used most, closest to the screen centre.
Obviously not *in* the centre, but closest to that location.

So what are most users doing most?
1. Flipping between tabs to view/interact with different websites;
	So the tabs should be in the bottom row of the top area.
2. Clicking saved bookmarks to visit favourite sites;
	So bookmarks should be in the second-bottom row.
3. Entering URLs for sites they've been told about or read in a magazine or
	URL field in third-bottom line.
4. And finally, clicking on menu items for the rare page-save or some other
infrequent operation;
	Menus at the top.

At least with earlier versions you could install an add-in to move the tabs
back to the bottom row, where they should be, but now that is 'broken'.  And
the registry hack that still achieves that, changes the order of other rows,
putting the bookmarks above the URL entry field, so still not an acceptable

Please do it right on the next iteration, good people.  Or at the very
least, allow appropriate add-ons to correct the order if users want
something more efficient.

Daniel Ford (Gerroa, Australia)
"My loathings are simple: stupidity, oppression, crime, cruelty, soft
music." - Vladimir Nabokov

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