Announcing MozillaBuild 3.1 Release

Ryan VanderMeulen rvandermeulen at
Tue Nov 7 21:40:07 UTC 2017

MozillaBuild 3.1 is a minor update to version 3.0 mostly focusing on
updating a few of the bundled components to newer versions. I would advise
updating to it at your earliest convenience.

Important changes since version 3.0:
* Updated Python2 to version 2.7.14 and Python3 to version 3.6.3.
* Updated nodejs to version 8.9.0 & npm version 5.5.1.
* Other updates to various included components.
    - Mercurial updated to version 4.4.1.
    - The fsmonitor Mercurial extension is now enabled by default.

Full Release Notes:

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